What is wrong with our younger generation?


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Jul 24, 2009
Athens, al
I made my 19 year old niece a baby quilt, spent months making it. My brother and his wife took it to her when they went up. They say she loves it, glad to hear that.

My problem is I have yet to receive a thank you, kiss my *** or anything. I'm not asking for a card or anything. A freaking text message, phone call or even a shout out on FB would be fine. ( I know she's on FB cause she's been playing games on there ) Am I wrong in being a bit upset? I would never not say thank you to someone who gave me a gift.

Maybe it's just me but I am so tired of ungrateful family.

Thanks for letting me get my rant out.
I think your rant is completely justified!
I'm only 25 years old but I was taught to be grateful for everything that I'm given (whether it was a "nice" gift or a "bad" gift). I was taught to say Thank You for EVERYTHING. Even the pepper being passed across the table. Thank You cards or phone calls were expected of us children after every holiday or special gift. If a family member made me a quilt, a Thank You in person would be expected first and if that isn't do-able, then I would be sending a card or making a phone call.
My simple answer - the younger generation were spoiled by their parents, the greedy generation that grew up with excess and feel like the world owes them a livng. The apples didn't fall far from the trees.
I have the same situation with my nieces and nephews. They are all between the ages of 15 to 23. During all those years of their growing up I have on only one occasion rec'vd a thank you note from one of them for a gift I sent. Sometimes the parents will say something about it, most times I just never hear anything at all. I don't need thank you cards or to have a big deal made of it but when I hear nothing at all it makes me feel like they don't really give a rats @#$% if I send anything or not. Not to mention wondering if they even got it! It's so easy to drop an e-mail or a text to someone but they can't even be bothered to do that.

I don't get it because myself and my siblings were taught that when someone cares enough to take the time to send you something, even if it's just a card, you darn well better have the decency to let them know you appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Your not wrong for being upset, I feel the same way. It just gets really old. Because of that I've started sending only a small card for whatever occasion. I'm sure they'll be miffed at that too but that's just too bad.
Couldn't have said it better grit. And I am 27.
Its not their generation, its their parents. Things like this are taught......

My son graduated HS in June. 2 weeks after his graduation he sat down and hand wrote a thank you letter to every person who sent him a card or money and to every person who attended his grad party. I take credit for instilling those value in him. I am a PARENT!
What is wrong with our younger generation?

Boy, if I only had a quarter for every time that question has been asked in the last 3000 years or so.
It's a perennial question - usually the answer is that the person who incited the question just hasn't matured sufficiently yet.
Thats a shame they are so ungrateful. I would die for a handmade quilt made by someone that cares about me.
So sorry. I would be hurt too..
Being a part of this younger generation you are talking about, I have to say I would never not say Thank You. But not all people are raised that way

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