What Is Wrong With Tulip?


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Nov 30, 2020
So my friend has a chicken that is very young her name is tulip but something is wrong. this chicken cant be taken to the vet because its expensive. this so far is whats wrong with tulip.
her right leg is kind of limping
she stretches it out a lot
she looks uncomfortable when she's standing so she sits most of the time
and she jerks her head back a lot
she doesn't cluck much which isn't good
she makes a small whimpering sound
her previous owner checked out her leg but didn't see a splinter or anything
she doesn't have any obvious marks
Could it be a neurological disorder the possibilities is marek's disease or something else?
oh and it the breed of the chicken is a silver laced wyandotte
Mareks should always be considered when a chicken is limping, although the most common cause would be an injury, sprain or fracture. Does she lie down with one leg forward, and one leg under or behind her? Are her toes curled under? Does she hold the leg up or try to put weight on it? Make sure that she is close to food and water. It sometimes help to put them inside a wire dog crate with food and water, and to watch out that the others do not attack her. Here is some reading about Mareks disease:

oh im sorry for the late reply but thank you for responding im not quite sure exactly what actions the chickens take i am asking the owner of the chicken right know and when they respond i will get back to you as soon as possible
what my friend has said about her chicken __ lies down with her leg forward most of the time
she can't walk but she kind of stumbles on her knees__
i didnt know it got this far this is my latest update about the chicken last time i checked up on the chicken was about 3 to 4 weeks ago

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