What is your favorite feeder and waterer for a smaller coop/run


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My coop is almost done - it is 8 x4. The run is 8x8... we are in the process of getting some pullets in a few weeks and then a few babies in the spring. Probably looking at 6 chickens total.

We live in Wisconsin so it does get chilly here... dont know if that sways your opinions or not.

What is the best feeder and waterer ideas you have?
I saw a tripod feeder that was off the ground and that was cool looking so dust adn scratch does not get in.

Share your ideas!
I am interested in this aswell, I'll be waiting for an answer
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Hi. I'm useing a pvc feeder.its 3'tall with a end cap for a dish,it holds about 10# of grain and seeds.very little wasted food.I am also useing a rabbit waterer,its a hooper style hold about a qt.of water,nice dish.its mounted on a cinder block,I gave up on nipple waterers. not enough output,the chickens always seem thristy.
PVC Feeder here as well. Cheap and easy to make. Very little food wasted if you use a hole saw. Do a search for PVC feeder and you will pull up tons of pics and simple instructions.
I like the hanging feeders. Adjust height according to chicken's size..keeps bedding out of feed..

I like the plastic waters cause they last and can be scrubbed out quickly. I fill in a.m. and empty and carry them in each night....
i just made some feeders for my 4 x 8 coop ( View my link in my Signature)

Ok here is what I did for the Pipe Feeder,

First of all I will explain the Feed Tray,

Materials used:

23 1/2" long piece of 4 inch PVC Drain pipe
2 PVC 4" end caps.

Miter Saw
Skill Saw and some patience.

I took a 23 1/2" long piece of 4 inch PVC Drain pipe, cleaned and sanitized. I used the type commonly used in weeping tile applications as it already has hole in it, just connect the dots.
I left a full circle of pvc at each end and applied two 4 inch PVC end caps, if you don't leave a complete end the unit becomes flimsy. This was then all pounded together and then screwed to the wall, just high enough that they can eat without making too big of a mess. I put this together so fast that I never thought to take any pictures.


As for the Grit and Oyster shell Buffet, I used 2 inch PVC vacuum tubing, with an end cap and a 2 inch blue end plug that I secured into the bottom of a 45 Degree joint. Secure that to the wall with 2 inch u shaped anchors.

2 x (2") PVC vacuum tubing,
2 x 45* angle connecting joints
2 x (2") End caps for the tops.
2 x (2") End Plugs used for the bottom of the 45*connector.
4 x (2") U shape anchors ?

What I did here was cut and tapped together all parts using my worktable..
using a tiny self tapping screw to keep the blue end plug from sliding out, I mounted every thing to the wall with 2" u shaped anchors and self tapping screws.


NO GLUE WAS USED at all in any feeders
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