What I've been up to **Progress update - 7/20/2011**


10 Years
May 28, 2010
Carson, Iowa
I used to be on BYC a lot, but haven't done much since before Christmas.

90 days ago decided I it was time to do something about my health (I am a pretty big guy in real life) and started a new lifestyle. I simply began watching my portions (2 eggs instead of 3, etc.) when I eat and also joined a gym. I thought I would do a progress report. I have posted before & after pics so maybe you could see a difference. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

Total Progress:

Weight: Down 53.4 lbs
BMI: Down 7.2
Waste: Down 7.25"
Neck: Down 2.5"

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Hey good for you!!!!
I admire your gumption, I wish I could get my own up and follow in your footsteps

Keep us posted on your future progress, I think this is so cool!
I know, from experience, you feel better with some pounds off. Not an easy thing to do. Good for you, and keep it up! And I agree, you look much better now!

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