What killed my chicken?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by FluffyPuff, Feb 28, 2014.

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    I had a really sweet barred rock who had started pecking at her toes. The other hens started pecking her making her weak and in pain. She had troubles walking after that. It seemed like she was addicted to making her self bleed.... What a strange chicken. Is this normal? I found her dead with no signs of being attacked by anything after 4 months of this. i treated her wounds with vetricin spray and wrapped them so she wouldn't peck at them and that helped her heal until she ripped of the wrapping. She had a previous respiratory illness and fully recovered with antibiotics. I'm very curious as to how she died. What do the people of BYC think? Anybody have this happen to them?
    Any guesses? I'm sad that I lost such great little hen. :'(. Her name was Ferra.
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    Sorry for your loss! The only thing I can guess is that she had some sort of internal problem that caused her to peck at herself obsessively. Something similar to PICA in cats or humans. Sounds like you did everything you could, sometimes they are just born with things you can't cure.......
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    Thanks for the feed back! She wasn't like that until 6 months before she died so I don't think she was born with it. But who knows...guess it will forever be a mystery...

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