What killed Pongo, "the sitting duck"

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    Jul 24, 2011
    Hello everyone!! I'm in need of opinions! Normally I would just google this type of thing, but tonight was an odd situation. (or maybe its normal?) Before tonight I had a lovely chicken, very vocal rooster, along with 5 ducks, one being a rescue duck, with an old fracture of the leg that never healed. Rendering Pongo a "sitting duck", literally. On a normal night I lock everyone up, but it slipped my mind today as I left before the sun set. (I've left everyone out before, shame on me, and had attacks but surprisingly Pongo, has always survived) OK- straight to the point. I came home to find in my chicken coop a HUGE mess of feathers. I assumed almost instantly both my roo and chicken were gone. I did a quick search mission and to my surprise, I found my rooster first who went crowing around the yard like a mad man, at 2:30 am. He appeared ok, so i went looking for Catherine (my hen) I found her also, hiding, but with a rather large gash in her tail area. Lots of feathers gone, but other than the gash OK. I than looked for pongo and didn't find him. After a small search, he was found about 100 ft away from where I left him.(when i left he was behind the chicken coop) His head, and neck were both gone. A small portion of the breast area was also eaten, but no organs were gone. There were not signs of a struggle... The reason why I'm confused is I've seen foxes roaming my yard previously (once stole 4 birds in 2 days) but the killing style of pongo wasn't common of a fox. Usually my birds are just missing, feather mess and no sight of the bird. I'm trying to determine how this happened! As far as I've learned: minks will eat the head/neck but leave the body. Will they carry them off? Why leave the chickens? What in the world killed my poor pongo? And What should I do about Catherine's gash? I cleaned with clorahexadine. And above all...what should I do about this critter that's receiving wonderful dinners here. Gives a new meaning to "Eat at Jo's" (My name is Jolene..har har)

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