What kind are they?


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8 Years
Nov 27, 2011
Here are a few pictures. Anyone know what kind they are?



I need to get better pictures, they are so shy though, they only come so close.
They are Helmeted Guinea Fowl (Numida Meleagris), the color is Pearl Grey, common wild color.

Some get the iridescent purple sheen on their necks, some don't... depends on genetics.
Thank you Peeps, Wnunezcruz!! I didn't get any info on what kind they were when I got them. I find them quite enjoyable, I really like the "come back" call.

Are most guineas well suited for cold weather, 20-30's during the day but into the teens and -0's at nights?
We didn't get that cold but close and my guineas did just fine. It honestly didn't even phase them
Yes, all 3 are females. We had a male and another female but they were very aggressive. The day they chased me to my car was the day they went to a new home. I couldn't get in my car fast enough. We had been having trouble with the male and female attacking the other hens and them going after me was the last straw.

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