What kind of Bantams are these chicks? *UPDATED!*


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Hi! I picked up some Bantam chicks yesterday (Wednesday May 16th, 2012. I believe they were born on Tuesday, May 15th) They are only a day old in these photos but I was wondering if they have any distinguishing characteristics that might help me identify them. They came from an assortment of Privett's "Assorted Feather Leg Bantam Straight Run." According to their website this can include Cochins, Silkies, Bahmas, d'Uccles, & Sultans. All of the babies in question are black with some white and or yellow. One has some red/brown on it's face. Based on my obsessive browsing of their website I think I may have either:

- Black Cochin Bantams
- Black Frizzle Cochin Bantams
- Barred Cochin Bantams
- Birchin Cochin Bantams

I would really love to have some Barred Cochin Bantams, that was #1 on my wishlist this year (my first time with chickens). I have some 6 week old Barred Rocks that I adore so if I don't get a Barred Cochin Bantam I think I'll survive with my super sweet BR's

Any thoughts? The variations are subtle: some have black beaks, some have yellow fluff, some have white fluff.

Also I have one baby that I really think is a Silver Laced Polish. I am including her photo just for fun and to see if anyone has any other thoughts on her too. They are all TINY and as precious as can be. I'll be happy no matter what but I'm excited and eager to see what I have. I'll post pictures as they grow too.

Baby #1: Black & white Beak. Both yellow and white fluff although mostly black. Yellow belly. White wing tips. Small faint white spot on top of her head.

Baby #2: Almost identical to Baby#1 but some yellow around the beak. Less black on the beak. White wing tips. White spot on top of her(?) head that is considerably larger than the one on Baby #1. Yellow belly.

Baby #3: Black beak with some white like Baby #1. Only white fluff on her(?) body but the foot feathers are yellow. No white spot on the head.

Baby #4: This one is VERY different from the others! From above it looks like she(?) is wearing a black hooded cape. LOL! Only the back of her head and her back are black. Both her wings are yellow as is her belly. Her face is a golden brown and her beak has no black on it.

Baby #5: I almost certain that this little one is a Silver Laced Polish chick but if you think otherwise let me know! My assumption is based on photos I found online. She came in with an assortment of Privett's "Assorted Crested and Polish." It looked like most of the babies from that group were White Crested Blue or Black Polish and there were only 2 or 3 like this one. I wasn't planning on getting any Crested chicks but she just looked so cute and I'm a sucker for the Chickens, haha!

Okay, enough of my chatter! What do you think???

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looks like a black cochin
the ones with dots on the heads are probably laced cochins
not sure on the multi colored one if it has a straight comb its a cochin but if its a pea comb then brahma possibly partridge in color
the last one is a silver laced polish
The top 3 are black cochins...I'm going to say that the next is a Golden Laced cochin as it looks just like mine did as babies :) The last, silver laced polish.
Starting to see some changes! I will get some new photos tonight and post them tomorrow. 2 of the chicks have black feathers coming in on their wings and one has some black with just the tiniest bit of white coming in on it's wing feathers. Baby #4 is getting some nice brownish red and black feathers on her wings. Very exciting! I am so eager to see what they turn into! :D
Yikes! I got behind on this! FINALLY here are new updated photos

Baby #1: Pretty sure this one will be all black. This one has SO much energy and is very curious. This ledge surrounds my back patio and this baby kept running and jumping off the edge! Not a high fall but it was tough to keep (her?) in place. Tenacious! That comb is looking a little big too, hmmm...

Baby #2: Not sure if this one will be barred or mottled. Any thoughts? Either way I wanted one that looks like this so hooray!

Baby #3: Like the first one, I think this one will be all black too. No where near as difficult to keep in place as the first one though. I think this one will be named Bettie Page :)

Baby #4: WHAT IS THIS ONE!?! I cannot for the life of me figure out what this one is! I thought maybe a Golden Laced Cochin but then the white started appearing. Maybe a cross between a Golden Laced and a Silver Laced Cochin??? They are all from Privett but I can't find any chickens on their website that look like this. I think this one is going to be a Roo too. I already refer to this vocal little one as a "he." Fine with me whatever type of chicken this is and if this is my Roo, that's fine too :)

Baby #5: I'm certain that this baby is a Silver Laced Polish, going to be a really pretty bird!

Alright, any thoughts, corrections, feedback? I am so curious about my potential Roo, I have yet to find a photo of another bird that looks like him...

1. Black roo
2. barred hen
3, black hen
4. golden laced cohin roo
5. Silver laced polish hen

sexes are guesses and all are cochins except for the polish, and i got colors right
Do Golden laced Cochins go through a white phase? Can they have some white? I have no idea, I am very new to this and eager to learn so just asking

Could my possible Roo be a Mille Fleur Bantam?

Or could he be one of these? Whatever this one is...

This is all I have in terms of guesses so far. Anyone else want to wage a bet on my baby #4? (By bet, I mean a guess. Not as exciting as a real bet)
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