What kind of birds??


8 Years
Jun 17, 2011
San Diego
I recently hatched 9 chicks a month ago. The dad is a Buff Orphington and the moms are a variety. My favorite chick has to be from one of the silver laced wyandotte hens due to the coloring. Im worried that its a rooster and cant help but call it a him. He is a noticeably larger then the rest, has a larger comb, and seems to be less scared. The other chick that also looks to be from a silver laced wyandotte also has a larger comb then the rest too...does the breed develop their combs faster and on the larger side? The other moms are rhode island reds, buff orphingtons, barred rock, and americanas. Does is seem like the one I described will end up being a rooster??
If you post pictures, everyone can help you more.
Toast'n Jelly :

Need pictures and some growing time to judge.

Is there an easy way you can tell me how to post pictures?​

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