What kind of chick is this??!!


Mar 26, 2018
I brought home 2 chicks from a big box store. There both supposed to be Plymouth Barred chicks. But the one on the right is all black with black legs and beak!!?? I think she must be some other breed. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

We noticed our box store had 3 labels on their bins despite that we often didn't notice the other labels until we looked and go that's not what that says it is.

Your Rock look like it *might* be male. :hmm White stripes wider than the black ones?

The other... maybe an Australorp?

How long have you had them? Do you know their hatch date?
I have had them just over two weeks and they were 5 days old when i got them. So about three weeks. I was also wondering about her possibly being an Austrolope (sp?) but i never had that breed.

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