What kind of chicken do you like the most of these...?

Favoite chicken?

  • Rhode Island Red

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  • Barred Rock

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I chose RIR because although I like the feathering on BRs and I think they're really pretty, I've never owned any so I don't know their general personality and behavior...I have, however, a RIR rooster and although he can be a bit aggressive sometimes, he is a sweet rooster.
BRs have a much better personality in my opinion. Not agressive at all. If you are only getting pullets though that isn't as much of an issue.
Barred Rocks are awesome. I don't care for hatchery RIR's, but if you can get a hold of some heritage RIR, you'll be very pleased!
My BRs are way more calm and friendly than the RIRs. They are too young to lay yet, but as far as personality I vote BR all the way!

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