What Kind of Chicks are these?

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Jun 1, 2013
Starke, Florida
We just got these yesterday, that hen is not the mom she is a game hen. The guy said he switched her eggs but 2 chicks look like cochin as they have fur on feet and he said they were all cochin but only the 2 had fur on feet. What are the others? Looks like some all black, some with yellow on face and chest some with orange on face.

Could be a lot of breeds, from Australorp, to black sex link to Marans. A lot of chicks will look like that. You need to wait until they feather in fully, then it may be easier to tell.
You need to wait until they are older. Many chickens look like yours as chicks. Black Sex-Links, Black Australorps, and Jersey Giants all look similar as chicks. Your chicks could even be mixes. The ones with feathered feet could be Cochins or Cochin mixes.Post some more photos in a few weeks.
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