what kind of drinkers are your chickens ?

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    Or should I say, from what do your chickens drink ? BYC members give me a quick line as to your favorite way to water your chickens. I have rigged up a couple of different waterers, all with various draw backs. My goal is one the chickens really like so they get lots of clean fresh water. The days of 98 deg. and 98 % humidity are just around the corner. Ease of cleaning is a consideration also. Thanks !
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    In the hen house is a nipple waterer and they use it. In the run there is a hanging tin waterer that they love to drink from - probably because it is hanging and the water does not get dirty. On my porch I keep fresh water in a cheap plastic waterer and they like to use that also and expect me to fill it fresh each morning.
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    May 27, 2014
    My issue is in freezing weather then I have to change out the water constantly. Such a pain. I need to figure something out. Thankfully we have not had too many freezing days this year so far.
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    If you live where it doesn't freeze, an automatic water from The Chicken Fountain guy is ideal. I love mine. Keeps the water sanitary and never needs cleaning or filling.
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    I'm sold on the horizontal nipples in a 2.5 gallon jug, add insulation and a heater in the winter.

    But when it's really hot (>80-85F here), I offer shallow pans of ice water in the run to help keep them cool when I see excessive panting. May just keep the insulation on the jug and add ice cubes to keep the water cool longer.
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