What kind of duck?

Island Juli

Jan 25, 2016
This poor guy/gal wandered onto our property starving and dehydrated. He/she has been fed and is enjoying their new pool.

Any idea what breed and if it's male or female? I know nothing of ducks, just chickens.

If she doesn't look like a bowling pin when she stands up, she's a Khaki Campbell. Both breeds are very good layers.

Here's a picture from Metzer, with the hen on the left on drake on the right. You might have an immature drake, if it gets a dark head and a curly feather on its tail. It's probably a girl, however, and should lay like a Leghorn for you soon.

By your user name... island... where are you? Might be a local breed of duck?

It looks like an adult female to me, due to frayed flight feathers(as in she's at least a year old, feathers grown last year not this year).

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