What kind of predators are digging under a coop?

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May 18, 2011
Littleton, Colorado
I'm planning out our coop and wondering if laying hardware cloth all along the bottom is needed. What sort of animals will this approach keep out that just burying the material a foot down won't? Maybe I don't need to worry about spending the extra cash is we don't have a risk of those critters. Thanks!
We use chicken wire instead of hardware cloth, although it doesn't keep out the snakes. On our last coop I believe we put it all the way around the bottom and also buried it, but on this one we just make it go around the bottom. Where there isn't any chicken wire, we put boards there to prevent raccoons from pulling chickens through the wire.

Good luck!
Going thru hell right now with rats that are doing that very thing! I will be at TSC tomorrow to get 1/4" hardware cloth to reinforce the entire perimeter. Be sure to sink it down at least 4", but I'm going for 6" and be sure to bend it out at the bottom a few inches so they have an even harder time digging.

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