What kind of quail are quite & great layers?


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Dec 29, 2010
Considering adding a few quail to my backyard farm. I am looking for a great layer and a breed that's as quiet as possible. I'm only planning on having females. Thanks!
um...lemme think.....possibly coturnix?

lol...yea really tho, coturnix are your bird then, females are quite, no temper(for the most part might get an oddball) they can lay about 300 eggs a year with proper lighting as well. any color range will do.
Yep, for the most part cot hens are quiet. I have one chatty bird, she sounds like a kookaburra when she gets going. Other than that the egg call is the loudest they get, sounds like a high pitched scream.
Here's a video of them, you can hear the egg call toward the end.
Coturnix are the hands down best layers!
Their quietness is debatable.

Dingo, good observation on the (I JUST CRANKED OUT AN EGG) call! Most people just dismiss this, or rarely hear it. It can happen before, during, or several minuets after!

A randy hen can get quite vocal if she isn't getting her loving, but most normal humans are sleeping when this happens. Other than that, a roo's crow is the loudest.
I have 3 Coturnix that are in my house. The girls chat a fair amount, but are really quiet, you can't hear them if you walk out of the room. My roo is extremely quiet as well. He only calls about 3 times a day. Other than that, the loudest he gets is when I give him meal worms, he "clicks" fairly loudly and does a little dance until one of his girls notices how nice he's being. All three of them put together are quieter than one of my laying Silkie's.

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