What kind roosters?


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
What kind of rooster are these? One is black up top with a green tail. The other is red up top with a green tail. They look alike except for color. I thought they were Japanese Bantams at first (I don't know my chicken breeds), but they do not have upright tails. They are a lot smaller than the Barred Rock they're with in the pics.




Does the middle one have a slightly white earlobes? because if it does, it looks like it could be a brown leghorn, and the dark brown one looks like it could be a buckeye or a very dark rhode island if they are standard sized birds. He has a smaller body type though, so Im not sure. He could just be a mix. beautiful birds, though.
sorry but you arre wrong x2 the midale is 100% not a brown leghorn he has no white earlob and his color is way wrong and in cace you did not know bubeyes have pea combs but untill we see better pics i can't say what they are
@ banjoejoe4783, you don't have to be rude about it. and the pictures are poor quality, the colors could be off. I never said that they were for sure anything. In fact I also said that they could be mixes.
was not beeing rude was just saying you should not gusse if you don't know when peple get on here and gusse what breed not knowing fot shure or just do a littel reserch first so you do not say the wrong breed BECUASE WHEN YOU BLINDLY GUSSE THAT IS RUDE you should just say INK if you had done a simpal serch on buckeyes you would have found that they have a pea comb
sorry if you took ofince ot this but was only telling the truth BANJO

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