What luck...*ANOTHER* broody!


10 Years
Aug 24, 2009
Ok...this is getting plain old rediculous. Last month my 6 month BA pullet went broody and now today my 6 m/o EE and 7 m/o other BA have lost their minds and gone broody too!!

What gives?!? Urgh...

I feel like my coop has turned into a maternity ward LOL
LOL send some broody vibes my way. Not sure how much of this bator watching I'm gonna be able to stand between now and my first hatch.
Love it and hate it all at the same time!!! lol
Tala--sending you all the broody luck in the world. May my girls knock it off and yours take over where they left off!

Kittymomma--think I could get away with shipping a broody with a dozen eggs under her? LOL wouldn't that be quite the packaged deal!!
Thanks! Haha for that you can have the other one too!

Sorry folks, the broody shop is all sold out!! I still have 2 other EEs that given my luck will go broody soon too so stay tuned!
it doesnt bother me when a hen goes broody.i love it.especially when im ready to hatch eggs.most of the time i just let them stay there and dont worry about them because i collect eggs everyday so it dont matter.i take them out of the nest to eat and drink once a day and they go back in when there done.and once there dont being broody one of those days when i take them out of the nest they just stay out and dont go back in.ive got 5 broodys out there right now.1 standard cochin,1 bantam cochin(sitting on 6 bobwhite quail eggs due to hatch today believe it or not),1 mutt,1 black silkie,and 1 white silkie.i dont know why i just typed all of this.lol.wow.

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