What mix am I?


9 Years
Sep 27, 2010
I have thought this roo was an EE mixed with Golden Duckwing...now I am wondering if he is mixed with Salmon Faverolle?
Any ideas? The comb is what has me re-thinking his heritage.

He doesn't have 5 toes, or feathered shanks. But does have a bit of puff on his cheeks.




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where did you get him from? Honestly he reminds me of some Icelandic roosters I have seen before. He has something crested in his background, you can see he is a very slight bit of crest popping behind his comb. I would say Icelandic and EE or ameraucana mix possibly. Icelandics are a landrace breed and have a very big varience in color and looks, but he just reminds me of some of the pictures I've seen before, though they aren't very numerous in the US
I got him from a woman near where I live...who knows what she had roaming her yard...I also have a cochin/silkie hen from her...he could have some silkie in him? I got the other rooster from her as well...He looks like a gold duckwing...but then he has other features as well. I am eager to see his chicks! thanks...I will check into the Icelandic chickens, although I doubt it, with where I live and the standards I saw at her 'facility"
I thought that also, I have a cochin/mix I got from the same woman...

that I thought was a silkie mix...but in the beginning considered polish mix....this would sound correct if the roo in question has some polish in him as well. What say you all about my cochin then...mixed with polish?

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