What motivates you to brush your teeth?

What motivates you?

  • The clean feeling

  • The coolness of water after the mint flavour

  • I never brush my teeth

  • Someone else makes me

  • I want healthy teeth

  • I want white teeth

  • Other

  • The fact that if you don't your teeth will be yellow and your sisters/brothers/other peoples wont(c)

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This is very unique, I love it. 😂

honestly, my teeth hygiene was terrible before I got my braces. Then my parents nagged me about keeping my braces clean and it became a habit. Now that I don’t have braces anymore, my teeth are easier to keep clean then before. I still don’t brush in the mornings.
I don't need any motivation. I couldn't stand it if I didn't brush my teeth. I don't like them feeling dirty.

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