what next should i make a bator from ??


10 Years
Jan 16, 2010

Hey guys . From the bahamian that brought yu The bucket-inator bator. comes a new baor. What do the byc members think it should be made from..

What do you think the new bator should be bade from ( i mean the container eg. Bucket, for the bucket bator )

Maybe a toilet , nah
Or a toaster.

what say you byc'ers
Coolers work well because they are insulated and easy to clean, a lot of herpers use them for reptile eggs.
Was looking at gutting an old microwave myself, but no time for another project.

erm I would avoid using a toilet, that porcelain would be too hard to keep warm, toaster is too small, maybe a large toaster oven instead? people dump them at thrifts a lot.
ii was kidding with the toilet microwave shoukd be good and cooler 2.

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