What on earth is my chick doing? (Videos)

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Mar 19, 2015
Fort Bragg, Ca
Hey everyone! Is this the right place to post this question? I have some videos of my chicken, Napkin, doing something I've never seen her or him do before.At first I just screamed.... "ROOSTER!" Because isn't the neck thing something that roosters do before they crow? But these are my first chicks so I thought about it and wanted to make sure there wasn't something wrong here. They are almost 8 week old Silkies.


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I've never owned silkies, only standards. She may be simply adjusting her crop or gizzard which is normal. I've seen birds yawn and stretch their necks, do snakelike neck and breast movements sort of similar to your silkie.
Thanks so much for the info! I have never seen any of them do this before so it was very odd. I'm glad it's not a sign of anything going wrong. I did just fill up their feeder with the chick starter before she started doing that so now I know! Thanks again to the both of you!

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