What percentage of protein do you use for your CornishX?


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Jan 1, 2009
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I know everybody seems to have a different opinion on this but I could use some advice. I started my birds on a Blue Seal Organic feed that is 22%. It was $33 per 50 lb so I cant afford that but I also cant find anybody else that makes a non medicated 22% ration. It was either 20% or 28% gamebird type feed. What do you guys feed and suggest. BTW... In 3 weeks my birds go into a Salatin style pen that will be on awesome grasses and moved daily. I will continue to keep the same feed in there along with the grasses.
$33! Wow, I thought I was paying a lot for organic.

I personally think 20% is fine, but if you really want 22% then get the 20% and the 28% and mix them. I've done this in the past with two bins next to the pen and then I just scoop the mix out in the right proportion when I fill the feeders -- I don't bother to actually mix all the feed ahead of time.
I fed mine between 20 and 24%. More the latter than the former because TSC tended to be sold out of the lower protein stuff. My biggest cornish x dressed at 7.5lbs at 7 weeks. Eeeek.
18 % from the local feed mill- Had a long conversation with the "mixer" and he said I was wasting money, if not raising in a confined environment trying to push more than 18%. I must say I was skeptical but the results have be wonderful. The feed is 14.70 a hundred so I can raise more meaties. BTW no blown legs- none lost at all to 8 weeks when processed. The birds are cleaner as they do not have the runs as in the previous small batches I did. My wife was even impressed with the quality-- and those boneless breasts in the vacuum pack made up the those little stink pots in the house for the first 2 weeks.

good luck
Good advice from all so far. So am I right in assuming too much protein is a major contributor in leg problems? I may mix 24 if I can find it with 20% and go back to 20 after they go in the outside pen.
Where you get the leg problems are when you keep feed by them at all times i do mine in 12 hrs shifts and i feed 24%. I feed for 12 hrs and then take it away but i keep them plenty of water with the broiler booster in it. Havent had any problems in last couple 7 or 8 years doing it this way i usually run about a 150 meat chicks a year this way. Everyone here has thier own way of doing it you just have to find the right way that works for you.
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