What pest am I dealing with!? Help!


Mar 8, 2016
We've delt w the fox issue and seems to have resolved since I last shot at it (may have hit it, not sure) but this has happened twice now and I'm scratching my head to what this could possibly if any outsider at all.. Please see pics, the feathers are def coming from the wings!
I do have one adult and 2 cockerels... this isn't too aggressive ? I did notice some of his feathers as well
How many hens do you have? Sounds like your hens are getting overmated, or at least the favorite is. Might want to buy her a hen saddle :)
Seven hens for three roosters is probably why you're having this issue now - the standard recommendation is ten hens per rooster to avoid this type of thing. Depending on the individual roosters you might be able to get away with less but it sounds like you need more hens or fewer roosters.
Two of them are potentially roosters still only 5 months old, we plan on getting rid of them when they crow and we have confirmation they're def roosters. We only have 1 adult rooster which is a bantam breed (silkie) 7 hens for 1 adult rooster should be fine in the research I've done. Mind you 5 of these hens are still young also, haven't even started laying yet but should be any day now.
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I've been working on "evening" out my flock as we know how reliable sexing of the chics are. My two Americanas which were suppose to be hens are starting to potentially show rooster signs but not 100% sure yet too early to tell. So once we know they will go if they end up being roos.
5 month old roosters will ride a hen or pullet even if she is not breeding age. they do not care. I think you need to put them on the camp bus. I have a 3 month old rooster in isolation, he is too small for the rooster pen, they will kill him and he will not leave the girls alone. I am thinking he could become a Cornish game hen.
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I have one BCM cockerel and 7 hens. He breeds them all, but prefers Red (New Hanpshire). She looks just like your hen. Lol Doesn't seem to bother her. Sticks to him like glue.

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