What should I give my ducks to lay in?


8 Years
Mar 25, 2015
I have three 18-week-old Khaki Campbell ducks. They should begin laying in the next couple of weeks, and I'm wondering what I should provide for them to lay in. Just a box with hay in it on the ground? I have a smaller area in their hut that I thought would be a laying area, but now it turns out they've all been sleeping in there, so I don't want them to crush the eggs. Any suggestions of what to provide for them?
Good luck getting them to lay where you want! Mine usually lay in their duck house (which they sleep in) in the pine shavings. I use some hay in the winter. I lock all five of my ducks in a covered 8' x 4' pen which is attached to their house, at night. As a result, their options are limited but they still manage to hide eggs from me at times. Duck eggs are tough, they won't break them or let others do so. I hope your girls start laying pretty soon!
I had one lay in my lap one time. I didn't feel a thing either, I don't think the ducks really care. Just two days ago my other girl layed into the dirt under our chair in the yard. But typically when I find the eggs it's overnight and their house is filled with aspen.
Mine like to lay usual where she is sleeping. Currently, that is under her duck house.
Sometimes I get lucky and she will lay "in" her duck house. Once in a great while, she will lay in the chicken coop nest box. I ask my son every morning, "where did the duck lay her egg today?"
I keep mine in an 8x8 at night, and they will lay in a 2x4 box that i made, about 3 inches high, of pine shavings. The shavings keep the eggs clean and from breaking, and Ive got golf balls in there just in case someone forgets. Once every so often, someone will drop an egg outside the box, but they are pretty good about it!
Btw, I also had a sleeping box, and when they started to lay I made another and put the gof balls in that one. They slowly switched over to laying in that, and continued to sleep in the original box! that helped with the egg cleanliness ;)
Thanks, everyone! They have a small pen, but I let them out into a big orchard area every day where they have a pool and grass and shade. I'm guessing I'll have to just have an egg search every day! Are they consistent in their laying spots, or is it random?

Also, will ducks sometimes eat their eggs? I know my chickens occasionally develop a bad habit of it which I have to break, so do ducks do the same thing? I can't imagine that their bills are tough enough to crack an egg like a chicken's beak.

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