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I contacted a rescue in (I think) Illinois about some ringneck doves they listed on Hooblie (sp?). I asked them if they were able to ship the doves, and they said they never have, but if I could tell them how to ship them they would send them to me for cost of shipping only!

So I need to know what size box I'd need for 6 doves? I assume it would be the square box? How much 'food' would they need? Apples, oranges, and millet I assume? Thanks!

ETA: This is the one I'm referring to when I say the 'square' box--> http://www.hm-e.net/p2economy.htm
says it is 4-bird, but that's for pigeons. If this is the right box, would it need the dividers? They say there are 3 pairs, well, 3 males and 3 females anyway, don't know if they are 'pairs' by choice

ETA again: Here is another I found, called the Mini N.E.S.T. This one is equipped with perches and the same price as the one above (economy N.E.S.T.) http://www.hm-e.net/p3newmini.htm

would be better?

ETA again: Well, it looks like the mini nest is not available, they have it on their site (if you look for it) but no way to order it that I can find.
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Didn't read that right, let me try again

What kind of food would I need for them? Oranges? Apples? Millet spray? That's what I sent with some buttons I shipped recently and they did great with that.

Would the 4-bird box need the dividers for 3 males and 3 females? Would the single nest be too small for 6?
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The single nest would probably be too crowded. I don't think they will need dividers. Since it will be dark in the box, they probably won't see well enough or care enough to fight. I have never heard of anyone sending any feed with the birds in the boxes.
I Have Shipped And Recieved Birds Never Had Dead Ones Have Had Dividers And Not I Think With Doves I Would Just Because They Are Agressive And Not Knowing For Sure The Sexs Have Heard Of Dead Birds Due To Over Crowding And Cock Birds Fighting Also Weather On Both Ends Need To Be Cooler
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