What sort of latches do you use?


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My Coop
In some photos I see locks on the latch, or just a hook and eye... what all do you guys use for latches, and for anyone with a lock, is that to keep out thieves or predators or both?

I rigged a U-bolt through two eye screws temporarily on my new side door, drop the ubolt in each eye, screw the bolts on about halyway up... coon won't have the patience or understanding to twist both bolts for that long.

The front latch is a two-handed job because of it's age and crooked placement. LOL You have to lift the the vertical hook while pushing the parallel bar forward, otherwise it'll snag on it's self. It's a gate latch really, but more secure than a lot of door latches I saw, which is needed because it's low to the ground and if a coon wanted to, it could sit down on it's hunches and play with it. But with the two-hand required motion and the knee to the center of the door, combined with the strength for all 3 motions... a coon isn't figuring it out.

Worked with what I had. Just a hook and eye high up on the run gate, since it's for day-time use only. Put it higher than dog nose level.
I have latches with locks. These are to keep out racoons which I've read can be pretty wiley. I don't think they've learned how to use a key and a lock yet!
I use padlocks too.

I tried to find latches I was comfortable with but it is just easier to be sure and padlocks are the only sure thing I have found.

They are also fast so I don't have to fiddle with things when it is wet or snowy.
This is by all means NOT predator-proof or thief-proof, but it's simple, easy & inexpensive, and also handy in some applications where other types of latches won't work. I use an L bracket and place a screw through an end hole just tight enough so the bracket still has some room to move. It's placed with the bend facing up, like ^. I put it on the door or gate post and put another screw with a fender washer on the door or gate slightly below the screw holding the L bracket. To latch you just flip the L bracket over so it holds the corresponding screw on the door in its bend. Gravity holds it down & in place.

I'm sorry I can't show you a picture, I hope I've described it well enough.
I have used a variety of the latches mentioned including slide bolt latches that can be locked. Where my coop differs is where i used a cam type window lock to secure the 2 main doors for my coop.
I still have a slide bolt latch for locking at night - but these cam locks work great to pop open and closed as i need to get in to clean and such.


works real nice.
Instead of using a lock, I use those clips like you use for your keychain (at least that's what my wife uses them for).

You can see them on my nest box:

We have the spring loaded hook and eye also. I was doubtful when my husband suggested it, but i have a really hard time opening them most of the time, so i'm hoping the coons are weaker and dumber than i am.

I really like the idea of the twist-close carabiner though. You can also get carabiners (i know i'm spelling that wrong) with a twist lock, combination unlock.

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