What stores carry Fertile Eggs?

sunny & the 5 egg layers

8 Years
Mar 29, 2011
I have heard of people hatching Fertile eggs from the store but I cannot seem to find them. We do not have a Trader Joes around her (that I know of anyway) and I went to 2 grocery stores and couldn't find any.
Does anybody know what stores carry them?
Some of the SaveMart stores here carry fertile eggs. They are brown eggs, whereas Trader Joe eggs are white (they're leghorns). SaveMart is owned by the same company as Lucky's and SavOn.

I have seen fertile eggs at Whole Foods Market, as well.

I saw them one time in one Safeway in Sacramento.

Many "natural/organic" food stores will have them.
I think it also depends on where you live. Last spring, I checked a couple of the Trader Joe's here in MN and they looked at me like I had three heads. They never heard of carrying fertile eggs in the store. Same with Whole Foods and another local co-op. No local stores that I have found carry them.
The best bet is to attend a farmer's market once they start up in the spring. Ask the seller if they have any roosters in their flock. If they do, there are likely to be fertile eggs.
Our Trader Joes does not have fertile eggs either.
I am just curious why you want fertile eggs from a store ?
you dont know what breed you will be getting and what kind of health they been in. Its best to find from a breeder. just my opinion.
i bought a dozen of trader joes eggs and i got 11/12 hatched. But i end of having 2 left cause my dog ate it all. So i have to give my other 2 to my friend to keep it for me
It's more of a "Can I hatch out eggs that have been refrigerated, may not be the freshest, and have been handled roughly?"challenge ... regarding breed.. I called the farm that packaged my eggs and asked.. all their birds are production New Hampshire reds ... So I know what I'll get if they hatch

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