what temp for my biddies


9 Years
Apr 23, 2010
Yadkinville NC-3yrs
I have 18 biddies, some are older than others but i lost one today an older one, It is supposed to freeze tonight! should I bring them in?? I keep them in an enclosed coop with a heat light 24/7 they seem to do well but I worry not that one died of unknown reasons!!
Any suggestions?
depending on age, week olds need 95 deg, 5 deg drop with each week of age.
I would think coop would not keep heat in very well, at least try to close a small
area for the youngest.
If you cannot maintain the temps recommended for chicks, then yes I would bring them in. If it is really the perfect temperature out there despite the cold snap, then they should be fine.

I have brought chicks in before to the mud room in a tub because of the impending cold weather.

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