What temp. is considered too cold...here in Chicagoland area

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The saying around here goes, "If you don't like the weather..wait 30 min. cause it'll change". We have extremely cold temps occasionally in Chicagoland winters and I am concerned my first flock will freeze. The last few days it has been 33highs and 20lows and they seem fine but It's going to eventually be even colder. My coop is well ventilated but not insulated, I made sure to get all cold hardy breeds but at what temps does it become unsafe for them. I mean if I have a heated dog bowl to keep water from freezing will that be good enough. I don't even have a light in there for any boost of temp. And this may be a dumb question but will they stay inside if it is just too blustery out on there own or are they too stupid and should I keep their pop door shut on those days? Thankyou, Claire
If of a cold hardy breed, adult, in good feather and in good nutrition they can handle temperatures less than -10 F pretty easily. Having liquid water helps but it does not need to be warm. I like my cold stressed birds to be able to stand on something like wood or dry straw when temperatures really cold. Some of my free-ranging birds will be out during cold days and nights of winter, while doing so they will avoid wind and try to perch in something that does not conduct heat fast. They will also often try to stay in sunlight when possible.

Free-ranging birds with free-choice access to feed will also be inclined to consume foods that have more energy. Mine start getting particularly fond of scratch and sunflower seeds and go to roost with much more distend crops than typical of warmer condtions. Make certain normal fully balanced (nutritionally) fare is consumed before they start packing in the intact seeds.

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