What the heck is tankage?

I see so many people feeding this to there chickens but why? It seems so unhealthy and my thoughts are this would not be healthy for chickens at all. I was thinking it was another name for some grain mix lol, guess I will stick to the feed and fruits and veggies lol. Thanks for the answers I appreciate you guys , you have helped me through out the whole process,
I was curious about Tankage as well and did a string search through BYC. And On the internet.

Tankage is a process and can also be fishmeal it is added to boost the protein which is important because Chickens are omnivores. It provides aminos, Omegas, etc.

And from the same site http://www.yourdictionary.com/tankage The second definition seems a bit clearer.

""Animal residues that remain after rendering fat in a slaughterhouse, used for fertilizer or feed."" So its meat products with the fat removed dried and ground up.

Its in just about all chicken feed has fishmeal in it.
In the Wild.
Chickens are scavengers. Like a raven, magpie, vulture......They will eat the living, the dead, the rotten and putrid. I know it seems gross, but they are what they are. As long as they have stopped feeding herbivores to one another I am OK.

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