What the heck is wrong with my hen??? lost feathers, red scalely skin


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Jun 2, 2013
This is a 2+ year old when, whom we believe has stopped laying. She has lost feathers around her oil gland and her skin is very red, she also has some scalely looking area below her breast where more feathers are missing and more redness.
She could be getting her feathers picked out by other flock members, or she could be doing it herself. The breast blister scab may be from sleeping on the floor, rather than on a roost. Is she low in the pecking order? I would look her over around the vent, under the wings, and around her neck for lice or mites, in case that is irritating her skin. Then you could try putting some Nustock Cream on her red spots. It tastes bad and is antifungal, and hides and heals red areas well. It contains sulfur, pine oil, and mineral oil. Look her legs over for any swollen joints, since breast blisters can be common in birds with joint infection.

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She's actually the top hen! She does sleep on the roost with the others, too. I also checked for parasites, didn't see any at first glance. I will try the nustock,though. Thanks.
Her breast feathers may have just been pulled out over her keel (breast bone) making it look like a breast blister. Overcrowding, less than 16% protein in the chicken feed, and not getting out to run around during the day can lead to feather picking. Even with the best conditions, some chickens will still get their feathers picked. I have had a couple who like to "groom" each other on the roost in the evening.

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