What the heck is wrong with this chick?!?!


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So I have 2 silkies that have been sitting on a large clutch of eggs. They're just now starting to hatch. So far 2 are dead...one WAS alive cause I heard it chirping but within the 15 minutes it took me to set up a separate area for the hatching chicks they chewed the face off and it obviously died. One was dead and didn't look anywhere near ready to be hatched so I'm not sure if they pecked at it before it was ready. This morning I discovered another chick and took it before they could kill it, so far it's doing good (fingers crossed). I went out this afternoon and found another very active, loud chick sitting by itself. It seems to be missing the skin and feathers on most of its back and halfway up the back of its neck. It looks painful, bloody and sore. It's eating and drinking, eyes are bright and it's still very much alive and active. Any advice on what sort of special care I should be giving it would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a pic...
It looks like the mother hens attacked it and ripped its skin off. I would gently clean the wound with warm, soapy water, dry it, and then apply antibiotic ointment (nothing that contains "caine/cain" ingredients, as those are harmful to birds) to the wound. Keep the chick separated from any other chicks if possible, and make sure its warm. I'd put some chick vitamins/electrolytes into its water to boost up its strength, too.

Other than that, there isn't much you can do, beside watch for infection and hope for the best. It seems like a sturdy little chick, so I think that the chances of it surviving are high.
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