What to Do? Candled and Have Questions


9 Years
Feb 9, 2013
I candled my eggs today (the eggs are on day 12). They are chicken eggs. All of the white colored eggs were alive and well. On the other hand, I found it very hard to see into the brown colored eggs. I have some that I have no idea about. I've heard that if you leave a dead or infertile egg in the incubator it will explode and ruin the hatch. Is this true? Should I take out the question marks or leave them in until day 22 or 23?

Also, two of the ones I thought were dead/infertile I cracked into an old egg carton over my dumpster. One was obviously infertile, but the other one had a tiny blob of veins. Was this one alive? The veins were no where near the size of the veins I could see in the white eggs. Thanks!!!
An egg will only explode if it is growing bacteria in it. I've had many an egg that failed to develop and never had one explode in the incubator, so you can relax a little on that. If you ever get a whiff of an unpleasant odor emanating from the incubator, THAT is the time to start worrying about an eggsplosion.

The one with the veins probably was developing. I never remove them unless I am absolutely certain they are clear because I never want to open one and find out I just killed an embryo.

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