What to do if chicken get cold?

Feb 23, 2018
My rooster may has got cold. He is sneezing every 5min and mucous or water like thing coming from his nose..the watery thing all around his beak... His eyes are tired.. He ot cold or whatever it is like a typical human woukd have.... What home remedy can i do for this case?


Mar 22, 2016
Keep him warm and comfortable, somewhere free from damp, inside somewhere preferably. Isolate him from any other chickens. Respiratory infections can be highly contagious.

Monitor his food and water intake to make sure he is eating and drinking enough.

You can add poultry vitamins to his water and electrolytes. Gently wipe clean his nostrils if there is a build up of mucus.
Feed him garlic if he will take it. He may get better on his own but may need antibiotic treatment if his condition worsens.
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