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6 Years
Sep 22, 2015
Hi all,
So Sky (my Silky hen) is still sick. So I thought she was getting better but she just has seemed not to get over this cold of her's. Now it seems to have worsened once again. her eye is all weepy and horrible! Its like clear gluggy stuff glassing her eye over. I have been trying to wipe it with a wet tissue and she is on the same useless antibiotics but I just dont know what more I can do for her. It looks like all my efforts have been hopeless. I really thought she could get better but now it looks like she has suddenly got dramatically worse. She has had a cold for months on end and is skinny as a stick! I just dont know what more I can do for my poor baby, I/ would hate to put her down. :(
Please someone, I really need some advice...

Chickens don't get colds. She has a respiratory infection. Have you tried her on any antibiotics?

Edit: I just checked your post history and it looks like you had a pekin die of what you suspect was MG. MG is highly contagious and that's likely what your silkie has too.
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Try treating with denegard. You can get it from Amazon. It works week for MG and MS. Dose is 1 tablespoon per gallon water. Changed daily for 3 to 5 days. A preventative dose can be given monthly but I'm not 100% on the dose. If you search denegard there is a lot of info on this site. Good luck!
I'm not sure if the OP can get Denagard since she's in Australia but if they have it there it's a good idea to try. Looking at her post history she never confirmed it was MG but it sounds highly likely from the symptoms she is describing.
Thank you guys.
Ah thats awful it never even occurred to me that it could have been a respiratory thing. I have her on some antibiotics but they have always been hopeless so I will put her on the other antibiotics we bought for the last chicken (the pekin) as this is especially for respiratory distress. I cant remember the name right now but I will get back to you on that. I am not sure if i can get that stuff that yo are referring but I could have a look on Amazon. Thanks again for your concern and effort. I will update soon and hope for the best, although if I am being honest with myself, I cannot see the outcome being a good one.
One other thing though, I have my other silkie in with her! As we have our newer chicks in the coop and these two in the aviary. This is due to me having to separate Sky from the rest of the flock in the the first place but when we got the new chicks we had to move the other silkie in with Sky and at the time it had looked like Sky was recovering well. Now The chicks are still too young to be introduced to the other hen but she has been in with Sky for so long anyway and she has not picked up anything from any of the other sick hens so do you think she is immune as she is healthy as can be!?
-So i am treating her with Oximav B which is an antibiotics apparently especially for respiratory distress in chickens.
-The clear glugg in her eyes has changed from clear to more yellowish
-Does this sound like coccidiocis to you guys? If not what does it sound like?
-Is there much more I can do for her
-And also once again, could the other hen be immune considering she has been with her for months (and has been with the other sick hens at times before they died ) and is fine?

Its really sad. There was a time when I thought i was nursing her back to health well and I grew a close bond with her. Now she has just gone dramatically down hill. I even had a nightmare about her dying last night and it was awful... Why are chickens so fragile! She still pecks around happily in her little enclosure though, she has such a big heart. She's my little fighter and I just wish she would win this battle too...

(Apologies for spelling errors)
Also if a chicken is immune to all these diseases, she could still potentially have the ability to pass the diseases onto younger healthy chickens couldnt she, seeing she has been introduced to the diseases and the chicks have not..?

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