What To Do? Too Many Eggs.


9 Years
May 4, 2010
Four hens have been sitting on about 10 eggs on average per nest. Last time, a few months ago, they tried the same thing but all the eggs were pretty much bad. So I didn't think I'd get an army of little chicks. I have about 10 right now. And the mothers are getting up to feed the other little chicks, but when they do...theres about three little chickens that just came out of the eggs and they need warmth. I have to keep putting the mothers on the little hatchlings, or just move the chicks on a mother that is actually sitting.

There are still a crap load of eggs left....and I've been thinking...how do I get rid of the eggs? I'm just scared there might be little chicks inside that'll die if I bury them in the dirt of something. Please, any help on this? I'm getting too many chicks I can handle.
No. What do I do with the eggs that haven't hatched yet? There might be chicks inside them developing...but I don't need anymore. I was thinking about burying the eggs.
Thats not what I'm asking...

What do I do with the eggs that haven't hatched yet, that the hens have been sitting on for the past 3 weeks or so? Some are bad, and some may have little chicks inside still. But I don't need anymore. Should I bury the eggs, or what?

Well, it's not that I really have too many. It's just that the hens are starting to leave the nest. So I don't want any more hatching, when there aren't any hens to keep them warm.
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Yeah I am talking about the eggs too.Well by kill em i mean you know,kill the chicks inside.Or give the eggs to someone that wants them.
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Why are you having to put the hens with the babies? A hen who hatches out her young should just be willing to care for them.

Also next time don't let them have more eggs than you are willing to hatch and deal with. A posting on craigslist for free chicks is sure to get a ton of replies. As for the extra eggs under the hen, if she is still sitting on them, they might be viable and I would just let her hatch them and give them away. If she has abandon the eggs, you can probably just throw them away. Hens seem to know. At least from my reading. I am still waiting for my own broody.
Step 1: Do you have a very strong flashlight? You can candle the eggs to see if they are clear (no baby inside). Then toss those right away.

Step 2: The ones that are dark inside, might have a living chick or a dead one. I'd put those under the still-setting hen along with the live chicks.

Then I'd take the whole shebang (mom, chicks, eggs) and put her in a place where she can't get out - a hutch or dog kennel. Put food and water right next to her so that she doesn't have to get up to eat and drink. That way she can set AND teach her babies how to eat and drink.

She might set on the other eggs or not. You will have done the best you can.

Step 3: After 25 days have passed since the hens FIRST sat on the eggs, I'd toss the eggs. Usually after you wait 3 days past the usual hatch day (21 days) they are not going to make it.

Also- if you have no place to separate her, you can still put the food and drink right next to her, and then she can care for her chicks at the same time as setting.
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