what to do with a sissy roo

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    Nov 1, 2010
    I'm posting this here since its a behavior problem. I recently purchased a new rooster to go in my egg pen. The hens beat the tar outta him. He won't get off the roost cause he's so scared. He is young, but his spurs are a quarter inch long. I think he's old enough to hold his own, obviously wrong. What do I do with him now?
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    I think he needs time to acclimate to new conditions before you spring a harem on him. I don't know if you planned to quarantine from away from your flock to be certain he wasn't bringing in parasites or disease. But at least I think he should have been able to see the hens without being in with them - maybe divide their run so they could see each other thru the fence. When he gets over the stress of moving, he might get brave enough to interact with the hens along the fence and feel comfortable with them.

    Are your hens old enough to accept a rooster? Maybe you would do better to wait and introduce him when they reach POL first. I don't think he is a sissy at all just wondering what, where did all those girls come from etc??

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