What to do with all the Roosters???

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I have hatched a healthy bunch of Barred Rock crosses as of Dec. 2009, and the females of the bunch should start laying anytime now. My question: what should I do with all the roosters?! I had entertained the idea of skinning them to use for fly tying material. After looking into it a bit and giving it some more thought, the problem that arrises is SPACE! I would like to get my little silkies working on their next batch of hatchings- so I need to kick the grown babies over to the next chicken house. I don't have enough space to house the whole bunch of them for long enough to get the roosters to a size (and feather length) that would warrant skinning them.
So... will they make decent meat birds? I was told that the only birds worth growing for meat are broilers. Any thoughts would be welcome!
Thanx in advance:)
They don't have to be broilers to eat them, DP breeds are worth raising for meat.
16-24 weeks is when most people butcher DP breeds. You could butcher some now and the rest when they get bigger.

I have an BO and BA roo in the fridge resting now, they dressed out at 5 1/2 lbs each.
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lol you are on the meat bird thread what do you think we are going to say???
Eat them of course!
I butchered all of my excess laying breed roos last year; yes they were skinny, but it was great knowing that we were wasting nothing and eating what we grew.
I'll be the the oddball......

I try to sell mine first, then I give them away, and I have yet to eat one. I just can't bring myself to do all the cleaning and butchering. I'm not a cook, and so that is just not my thing. It's not the attachment to the birds like most people... it is the bloody nasty mess, and the feather plucking, and the gutting... oh the thought of gutting. lol.

I always have TOO MUCH success on craigslist. People fight over them. Warning... it really can get ugly. You'll have to lay down dates and times for them to pick them up or people will run you over. just some info from my experience.
16-24 weeks~ wow! The broilers we grew were only 7 weeks! These ones are probably at around 10 weeks right now. I think I might give Craigs List a whirl- but if that's a no go, I will plan to take them in to our butcher at around 12/13 weeks. (I myself have not yet managed to get up the courage to do the deed.) Thanx for the input!
I really need to get up on my lingo... what is DP, BO, BA?
Can I be the soft hearted one and suggest taking them to your local poultry auction to sell them?
You may not get much money but at least they get to live

Or advertise that you're selling young, healthy cockerel. I'm sure people will be interested.
The Broilers you raised are designed to grow as fast as possible and make the most meat on the least amount of feed.
They are not normal chickens.
But this is an compromise, they are only good for meat and thats it. If you what to raise more you have to buy more.

The dual purpose (aka Heritage breeds) are skinny compared to the broilers. But you can use them for meat and/or layers. You can also reproduce them at home. DP breeds are worth eating they just take longer and have less meat.

BA= black Australorp
BO=Buff Orpington
Wait a minute... who's to say that they will live if they're sold at auction?! That's a sweet thought though~ I would love if I could find someone to take all my roosters for pets!
If I don't manage to sell them, it sounds like I should wait a little longer before the butcher visit! On the topic of the broilers; I hated the whole experience. The things don't move! And in fact, after a certain point I don't think they CAN move! Going in to the that chicken house was like a sea of chicken plants- ick! I am interested in what these ones will taste like!
Thanx for the lingo help everyone:)

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