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  1. Ittrehern

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    Feb 18, 2013
    One of my girls developed a huge abcess looking thing on her beak between her nostrils and she is weezing badly. The abcess thing has gone down and almost back to normal but her weezing is worse and now she's coughing. This morning I noticed my other girls (6 in all) coughing and weezing. Their appetite and attitudes are the same, they just sound horrible. I tried VetRX but it didn't work. Any suggestions?
  2. cafarmgirl

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    I don't know what it could be but they need antibiotic's. VetRx will accomplish next to nothing. I'd use Tylan 50. You can use it as an injection or orally. You'd have to look up the injection dose but the oral dose is 1/2 cc daily for 5 days.

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