what to put around silkies eye?


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I recently bought some birds. The roo had some scabby stuff around his eye. I thought he got shavings in his eye. I did look through the feathers and vent area. Obviously not well enough. His eye got crusted over again so I got him back out and he has so many mites in his crest. They have bitten all around his little eyes and the one eye is really scabby and weepy. Is there anything I can put on this area? I can't think of anything that would be ok if it got into the eye. I am thinking I may have to use like olive oil just to hydrate the skin but it's not going to help if the skin is infected.
I did eprinex and spray them with adams. Once when I got them and now I did it again. Guess I should have done it 7 days apart when I first got them. grrrr
It's cold here and I hate to stress them more (since they were shipped to begin with)by washing them with adams flea and tick but I am not seeing any other way to remove the dead mites from the crest area.
The pullet has a huge crest. I cut around her eyes but the crest is still so big. (love the crest) She doesn't really seem to eat much. She seems thin as she was when I got her. I have noticed that silkies with big crests seem to not be able to get around as well. If I put her crest up with pink tape is that going to encourage the mite growth? She seemed to only have a few mites in the vent area but after the eprinex I noticed quite a few dropping off. Opinions?

Thank goodness I stuck to keeping all the birds seperate for a month and only these birds have the mites.
Can birds get mites from shipping? Since the eye was scabby when I got the bird, I am thinking the mite thing was a problem in the past and maybe the seller thought they were gone? Who knows.
You can use Neosporin on the eye. I did this with my Silkie who injured his eye fighting
Won't harm the eye. Though, I don't know what all it will do for your birds eye..... but it could help. Good Luck
Cut the crest! I know it'll make him ugly, but it will grow back. My experience with external parasites has been that if you treat the body (flea bath), they'll seek refuge on the face. You'll want to treat the face first, then work down. The vet sells ointment specifically for the eyes; ask for the generic version. Use big cotton balls for bathing the face, and always have a bowl of clean water ready for emergency rinsing. Good luck!
I washed them in flea and tick shampoo. He was a mess! I sprayed with adams flea and tick afterwards. Then I see a mite run across the pullets eye. DANG!! They were in a tote in my bathroom. I did clean the little cage they have been in and just put the cockeral back in there.
I am going to post about her issues. I swear I can't win for losing.
Another option would be to use poultry dust. It is made especially for mites and lice. Start the the top of the head (I agree that you should cut the crest) and work toward the vent. Make sure you get the tummy and under the wings really well. Use your hand to ruffle the feathers so the dust will go all the way to the skin and the base of the feather. Dust again in 10 days to kill anything that may have hatched in the 10 days.

You're doing a fine job. It just takes a while to get those horrid things under control and you've got that 'mop' of feathers to deal with.

The pullet will put on weight with the right foods and when the mites stop biting her and sucking her blood. To get their strength back give them scrambled egg, chopped frozen spinach, yogurt, cooked oatmeal and if you happen to have one laying around a pumpkin cut in half would be really nice. My girls can't get enough of it.
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Thanks. The cockeral is really really happy. He is scratching around in the bedding and is so active. I put olive oil and adams in his crest. It looks spikey and he can see really well.
The pullet..I taped her crest up. I suppose I could cut it. I put olive oil in hers also but it is so long it annoyed her so I taped it up with medical tape. She is in a tote in my bathroom so she can get right to her food and water and be warm. This way I can check her all the time. She is eating today but not like she is starving. I can go buy a pumpkin. Not a problem. I'll but a ton if it keeps them healthy.
Is the poultry dust better than the adams flea and tick spray?? I get different opinions.

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