what to put in the bottom of the run

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  1. horsejody

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    Feb 11, 2008
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    Rodney & the girls are getting a run this weekend so they can enjoy the fresh air when we are not home. The run will go the length of the coop and come out about 5'. There is a sidewalk along the coop that is about 3 feet wide. The other 2 feet is currently grass. I know they will kill the grass. I am looking for ideas of what can or should be spread on the ground that will look decent and be easy to clean. DH is talking about cementing the whole thing so it can be hosed down. I think cement all day would be harsh on the feet.

    The run is 6 feet high. It is the welded wire kind, and has the black powder coat paint. I wanted the cheap chain link one, but DH thought that Rodney and the girls needed higher class digs. I am going to need a top for it also. I will either make one or purchase one. So I am also looking for ideas for covering the run in an attractive way.

    I think that Rodney is becoming a Daddy's boy. DH brought him in the house the other day to visit.
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    Jul 19, 2007
    Sand will keep their feet clean and give them dust bath material.

    Wood chips are OK too. But sand is the best!
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    We have a sand run and are very happy with it. It is easily raked out and maintained with no odor. My best advice though would be make sure the run allows for proper drainage. We have finally figured out in our new run how to divert the great flood when it rains, but each slope will be a bit different.
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    I agree - we have sand since reading it on here and it is really good. No mud now and easy to clean etc.

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