What type of chicken is this?

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    This is a chicken we obtained by accident and is the reason we have a chicken family. I would really like to know what she may be or what crosses she is from. She was a wild chicken egg left in the wheelwell of our toyhauler last spring. She is black and body type is somewhat of a bantam although almost average size but a sort of game hen look? confused yet? She has a half crest/half comb. Its more like a mohawk with a comb that flaps cause the feathers are in the way. She has black legs with yellow underside (although NOT a jersey giant). She lays a creamy peach/white egg. Super sweet. Her black feathers shine green/purple in the sunlight. Ive been told crevocoeur x, australorp, and Jersey Giant because of the yellow feet thing. Suggestions? Here are some pics:

    I'm new and not sure if these images will post. Just shows [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC.

    And yes there is a waiting period now for new members becuase of spammers that were on here a while back but the administrator says if you are active and participate on the site to show that you are a legit member, you should be able to post pics in a few days. In the mean time if you want to email the pics to me, [email protected], I can atleast give you my opinion.
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    Could she be brabanter mix? cream or gold laced? Or maybe some type of silkie or polish mix as they tend to be small?

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