What type of food to use in a dine-a-chook?

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  1. I bought a dine a chook and so far (2 years), it hasn't saved me anything. The birds don't eat all the food. When they have cherry picked everything they want, they don't eat from it. That means that it never goes down much unless I tip out the stuff they don't want to eat. I wouldn't mind, but it's organic chook food. Not cheap.
    Is there anyone else with one of these? If so, what feed do you use? I'm not going to worry about organic anymore. The last few bags I bought have been infested with moth-type insects.
    Look forward to hearing some advice.
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    Whilst i have not used the feeder mentioned, you could feed them pellets - that way they have no cherry picking options. An alternative would be chick feed - its more finely ground so limits their selectiveness (and optional oyster shell, so those laying can get the necessary calcium).
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    I agree. Pellets are by far the best way to prevent waste. Any powder left in the bottom of the feeder where the pellets have broken down can be tipped out, soaked in warm water and fed to them in a little dish as a warm mash....you will find they go at it like it's a treat. Your organic feed sounds like it is past it's best date which means that they will not be getting all the vitamins in it as they degrade with time. Better to have chickens getting all the nutrients they need to be healthy in a regular feed than feeding a stale organic one in my opinion.
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