What type of paint to use on chicken run


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We decided that the omlet run was to confined for our chooks, we think they were going stir crazy, especially as they had freedom whilst we are in the garden to roam free.

Anyway we've just bought a 3mx4m run which is made of aluminium poles and green netting. We would like to paint the poles green, but wonder if there is a special paint we should buy. We don't want our chooks to be poisened. The only other alternative is to cover with material, but this will look shoddy. Any ideas, please?
Just be sure to choose a paint made for aluminum, and that it is thoroughly dry before the chickens are exposed. Lead is not added to paint any more.
Spray paint is the easiest to use and will give the best look. Make sure to read labels, some require priming or it will flake off. Try to get the type that doesn't require priming to cut down on the amount of work.
Zinc chromate primer is the best primer for aluminium. It comes in spray can form also.

It may be galvanized metal and that always needs a cleaning prior to painting, it's good form to clean aluminum prior to painting also.

Protective oil coatings are applied to these metals to prevent the white powder weathering. Even primers wont last long on this surface though have excellent initial hold.

Simply washing metal with a rag and mineral spirits should do the trick. If you have a noticeable film on metal I'd use acetone. Wear good rubber gloves and be outdoors or use a disposable respiratory mask.

With a few minutes of chemical cleaning your surface is free and ready for coatings. Primer is best (Zinc Chromate) then what you will.

Fast and long lasting would be to clean the metal, prime it with spray can zinc C then spray can it with your color. Easy, few hours and do it in two days. -clean, let dry (2 hours)- prime with spray can (hour)- next day- paint with spray can (hour)...second top coat (hour)---> 4 hours and will last a decade.
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Thank you very much for all your answers. We've found a supplier of non toxic (although expensive) paint and will be doing that in the spring.

If you're leary of mineral spirits or cheicals as a product to remove oil film, you can also use distilled vinegar. It works great for me on some things. I would highly recommend spray paint as well. The primer is definitely the most critical step. I've heard of zinc chromate before. Sounds like it should work. A word of advice, even the cheapest of paints will stick providing the base is there. The most expensive of paints will turn loose if not applied over proper prep. Epoxy is my first choice in primers for metal, however, it is expensive, needs mixing, and is applied using a paint gun. Still, it is impervious to most anything and is super durable. should you go with epoxy, remember to scuff the entire surface with 80 grit paper, steel wool, or scotch brite pads after cleaning and before spraying the primer.

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