What veggie to plant in June in Virginia?


13 Years
May 29, 2010
I have a 6x6ft raised bed, maybe 5-6in deep. Added 2 bags of peat-moss, 4 bags of cheap top soil and one bag of oddly stinky, but it's not manure. I watered the dirt after mixing it some, that didn't go over too well, lol.
Anyway, I wanted to know what I can plant for June here in Virginia. I'm in Culpeper and the spot the 6x6 is in gets lots of sun, some shade in the morning and some late in the day. I'll be putting in seeds, not started plants, btw!
Please let me know what you guys think I should plant this week.

List below is of the seeds I currently have and what my fi8ance will eat. I'm not much of a 'grass eater'. But my fish adore the Cucumber! I can grow that, it was the only thing that made it through August heat and my hatred of that awful heat.
Pepper, crispy hybrid
Tomato, super sweet 100 hybrid
Spinach, bloomsdale long-standing
Lettuce, prizeleaf
Mustard, red giant
Carrot, dancers half long
Watermelon, allsweet
Cucumber, boston pickling
Cucumber, straight eight
Broccoli, green goliath
Tomato, cherry
Tomato, rutgers
Endive, broad leaved batavian
Pumpkin, small sugar pie
Watermelon, sugar baby
Cabbage, early jersey wakefield
Peas, wando
Sweet Corn, golden queen hybrid
We are having summer weather here, rather be freezing...
I did end up planting most of the seeds I had. We'll see what makes it and what totally craps out, lol.
I'm a winter person all the way. The only warm weather I like is 75-78F lightly cloudy, light breeze, no humidity.
The heat/humidity shortens my fuse drastically, I just can't stand it.
I am the complete opposite. I LOVE hot weather.. and don't like to be colder than 60ish.. Now, I don't like to sweat in the summer, but I still prefer it to winter. It's not true you can just put more clothes on to get warm for me.. my body doesn't generate heat!

Here in Ok we have a lot of humidity though... and I don't like that either! I'm like you, it wears me out.. lol
More have sprouted! Added 36in tall chicken wire around the raised bed to try and keep rabbits away!

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