What went wrong?


Apr 17, 2016
I made a thread earlier when I discovered that my incubator was actually at 98.6 when it said 100, and the humidity was higher than it said it was. I want to know if that is what when wrong with these eggs. They had a turner until day 18 and there was very little fluctuation in temp/humidity even though it was slightly off. I cracked open the eggs today (day 24) when the float test showed no movement. I got one beautifully fully formed dead chick, I would have thought maybe I accidentally killed it except that at day 24 the yolk was still fully intact... The second chick was almost the same size but was deformed (bloated belly, small skull, missing eyes), and the other chick died at maybe 11-12 days along. Would the slightly low temperature account for these issues, or is it because the eggs were old? I got them for free and they were 3-4 weeks by the time I got them in, so obviously my expectations were low, but I'm still disappointed. We are going to try again with new eggs asap. Thanks in advance!
I forgot to mention -- the first two chicks were upside down in the egg, even though I had them pointy end down. Not sure if that accounts for anything.

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