What will I get????? if I cross this

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by flappinhappy, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Oct 17, 2011
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    I have WLR Cornish bantam roos and a few Barred rock bantam hens. I use the bantam for meat birds as there are just the 2 of us and a large breed bird is too much meat for just us. I realize they wont grow as "fast" as the meaties from the hatchery but am hoping that they will dress better than just the rock does any opinions on this?? I also have a few of the WLR Cornish hens and a couple of the Buff Brahmas but the brahmas don't lay well enough to sustain the flock and are not as feed thrifty.
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    What I do for the 2 of us is buy 25+ Cornish X chicks, feed them for about 35 days then process them as Game Hens - the same 2 lb +/ - Game Hens that one can buy at the grocery store as frozen or ready to eat. Way more efficient in terms of time ( 35 days vs months ) , labor, feed consumtion, and huge amount of meat to eat. [​IMG]
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    There is no reason that you can't eat bantams.

    With just 2 of us, we can't eat a Cornish Cross, either, but I raise Cornish Cross and I part them out before they are packaged and frozen. That way, I go to the freezer and take out one half breast, which is just right for the two of us. Or a package with 4 legs, which is what I need to simmer for the meat to make a pan of enchiladas.
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    I believe your cross would result in sex linked chicks, which could be a bonus. I see no reason why it wouldn't make a good cross for you, a nice small but meaty carcass.
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