what will I get mixing chickens?

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May 25, 2016
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This morning I woke up to find all of my chickens died. A dog got in the pen last night and killed all 25 chickens and 2 ducks. My question is if I hatch the 48 eggs I have from them what will I get? I had 2 white leghorn roosters and my hens was gold sex,RIR,Easter egger, olive eggers,Americana and one ancona and I had white leghorn hens but I know they will be leghorns. If any one has done this cross can you post pics.
Except for the ancona (white egg) you should know which eggs will produce pure white leghorns.
The leghorn/ancona cross should be obvious as well
The EE, OE and Ameraucanca eggs can be pedigreed from the color of the eggs. The offspring should have thicker necks and perhaps muffs.
RIR and Sex link birds should be identifiable by the colors.
That said, they'll all be barnyard mixes and feather color could be almost anything.
As CC has said you would raise a colorful flock of crossbreds. They should be good layers and the cockerels would make good fryers. Realize that a proportion of your chicks will be male.
Thanks for answers! I just put 60 eggs in the incubator they are all from my chickens they are from the last few weeks not wash I keep them in a basket on the counter. I know not all of them will hatch and some of them will be rooster. Just wait and see game now. Anyone with pictures of mix leghorn chickens will you please post thanks!

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