what would a barred mixed with RIR look like


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A barred Rooster over a RIR hen will yield all barred chicks with odd barring and red leakage somewhere, and as NYRIR said, the other way around is a black sex link which gives barred males and mostly solid black females with red/gold in the chest area.


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I am only starting this year... I separate the ones breeding and I have few enough to know who fathered who
I only give one option so I hope someone else can chime in with some serious breeders programs and how they do it!


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By writing or typing them down.
Couldn't help it.

Basically that's it. Otherwise if you want to keep it organized, then organize your breeding. Separate girls and boys or certain pairs/trios/groups, and go from there.

I keep track of everything by having all my girls mixed, all my boys mixed, but each gender separate, so each pairing can be done manually by me in a breeding pen when need be done, thus, I know who's the mom and who's the dad to each chick. (I keep track of who lays what eggs too)


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ranchruler@gmail.com :

what would it look like anyone have pics because i want to start mixing breeds around

are you after Red Barring? which is a facinating color...

with lots of dedication one day you could have something similar to blow pic

but let me tell you that they will be cuckoo(as in cuckoo marans) not Barred(as in Barred rock) what? well both carry sex linked Barring but what makes a Barred different than a Cuckoo is that Cuckoo barring: lines are murky, less defined. so if they have the same barring gene what makes the difference? well seems like they need the Slow feathering gene K wich is linked to the S(Silver) gene by 1.5 maps unit, meaning the chances of gene cross over is about 1%... so in short what all this means? that your Red Barrred birds will technicaly be Red Cuckoo, that's why you don't see lemon Barred Orpinton but Lemon Cuckoo...

here a Cuckoo Maran hen

and a Barred Rock hen

but any ways good luck with your project​

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